His name might sound like some kind of traditional British meat stew to English-speakers, but anyone vaguely familiar with recent Hong Kong movies will be familiar with the face of Lam Suet....
Also... Song Gang-ho, Zhang Yuan

Cyborgs and Samurai: The Berlin Film Festival 2007

Samurai, surveillance, naughty schoolchildren, the Mona Lisa and Malaysian Communist fighters in exile: just a flavour of some of the Asian films that graced the stage at the recent Berlin Film Festival...

Two Steps Back: Duelist

Also: Eye in the Sky, Welcome to Dongmakgol, Mikio Naruse box set, Funeral Parade of Roses...

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Robot Dreams: Park Chan-Wook Interviewed

Korean Park Chan-wook is one of the most influential Asian directors of recent years and is in a great way responsible for turning a new generation on to Asian cinema...

A Family Affair: Move Over Ozu

Make way for the modern Japanese family, depicted with all its warts, neurosis and considerable charm in Move Over Ozu, a season of contemporary Japanese films currently touring the UK...

Scholarships for Japanese Students

The Consulate-General of Japan in New York is calling for scholarship applications for students. Interested parties should apply online directly using our online scholarship management software here.
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